If you believed in and on the Lord Jesus Christ seconds before you died, you would be in heaven with Him. Without having done a single good work for Him nor in His name, you would still go to heaven. Because salvation is a free gift, given to you by grace… Something that you cannot earn by good works. To rely on yourself for salvation is to deny the God of the Bible and to flat outright reject the gift of His Son’s finished work on the cross! To trust that your works will get you to heaven and into the eternal presence of God is foolish and prideful, and to be in such a place is a clear indication that you are potentially headed toward hell without true hope.
Eternal life is truly a gift – Romans 6 vs 23 (GNB)

You can do nothing but receive it to have the assurance and joy of true salvation!

Embracing Ecclesia (wcgs)
Then Jesus... (wcgs)
About the author : Jarrod Moore

Jarrod is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, who is fully devoted to the Word of God. Jarrod is married to Tamzyn and together they have one awesome boy, Malachi Josiah.

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