I’ve experienced the Spirit of God; His presence had me in awe,
This feeling of being filled, had me wanting more,
I’m now filled with a power from above, by ‘this’ Holy Spirit,
When I’m asked to do things for God, the Spirit enables me to do it,

My faith rises for the Spirit reveals to me, things of the unknown,
It brings to me revelation, of things never shown,
The supernatural is made possible, by the Holy Spirit Himself,
So I’d rather be filled with it, than have any measure of wealth,

The Spirit gives many supernatural gifts, all which I desire,
The Spirit goes before me, in the form of a fire,
The Spirit convicts me of sin, and guides my life in the right direction,
The Spirit is what transforms me, into what God calls perfection,

Oh how I love the Holy Spirit, for He allows me to be like my Saviour,
Helps me in times of distress and keeps me on my best behaviour,
Opens my eyes to the goodness of life, and the evil I should hate,
Allows me to speak in a tongue, I am unable to translate,

The Holy Spirit is my friend and of that I have no doubt,
Indicating to me things I should do, and of things to kick out,
No friend is closer, for the Spirit lives in me,
It is the great power giving me, the spiritual eyes to see,

All that God wants, and the promises He has spoken,
The Spirit gives me power to pray in Jesus Name, for chains to be broken,
The Spirit fills me with joy, hope, peace and love,
The Spirit is God’s, who at the same time is preparing heaven above,

The Holy Spirit is my guide; he’s my comfort during times of pain,
He is the Spirit that enables me to do right and never be the same again,
I thank God for His Spirit, that helps me do whatever I have to,
And for the fact that He always reminds me: “God loves you!”

So step out and spread the news, the Spirit will plant a seed,
And in you, God through His Spirit, will give you all you need,
If only you make yourself available, you will achieve and succeed,
And God will always make sure that what He promised, you will receive,

Now I know you know that what I’m saying is true,
For you know this Spirit, for it lives inside of you too,
God wants to use you, like He never has before,
Wants you to be expectant and to also stand in awe!

Destiny Of One (audio)
About the author : Jarrod Moore

Jarrod is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, who is fully devoted to the Word of God. Jarrod is married to Tamzyn and together they have one awesome boy, Malachi Josiah.

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