Saul, who later became Paul:
His character was that of one with conviction and focus. That, was not sin. But what his conviction and focus lead to, was… For example, passionately persecuting the Church and giving the go ahead for killing people (The stoning of Stephen in Acts).

But God chose to reveal Himself to an unlikely person to be used mightily. After God made Himself known to Saul, he then became Paul as well as a radical example of grace and transformation. His character of conviction and focus didn’t disappear but rather was aimed toward something of eternal value… Eg. Saving people by preaching the Good News of Jesus to all people, especially the Gentiles!

He moved from a life motivated by sin to a life motivated by grace. His focus changed when his heart changed (Paul was born-again).

Ask yourself:
‘What convictions do you hold to and where are you focusing those?’
Does your convictions and focus line up with Biblical and eternal matters?

Read Acts 7 – 9

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