What hurts people and causes them the most pain?
Is it not the idle words within our speech that we just can’t contain?
Is it not the curses we speak to others which in our speech remains?
Is it that we want to become more holy, but we don’t want our words to change?

Our words have power to change lives, and have lives staying the same,
Our words should never be foolish, but for the purpose of praising God’s name,
There is life and there is death, within the power of the tongue,
It can cause serious damage to nations or unite us together as one,

I don’t see why we ask ourselves why people are broken,
When we have not yet evaluated ourselves and the things we have spoken,
People are what we say they are – they seem to be spiritually choking,
Because the words of death we speak are covered by, “I’m only joking!”

Jokes we make, negativity we speak, simply because we say that we can,
What’s up with that, when the Bible says, “With the same mouth we bless God while at the same time curse man”?
Every word we say is recorded, to how much will yours amount?
And how much of yours is idle, whereby to God Himself you will give an account?

To break down, to hurt, to hate or for our self gain,
Our words as such to God, is seriously profane,
With your words, do you build up others, or tear them apart?
Check to see because from the mouth words will flow of that, which is in your heart,

Col 4:6 – “Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt”,
Let your speech be found perfect, without defect or fault,
Upon hearing this, decide if the way you speak is going to change,
If your words will be beneficial or if you’ll stay they same,

Do we have respect for our leaders or gossip behind their back?
Do we honour what they say or continually back chat?
Do we show people how good we are by the way we are walking?
Yet forget that what defiles us is from the things we are talking,

Are we continually blinded by our sowing of strife?
Or are we following our Lord, by speaking spirit and life? (John 6:63)
Our words should have purpose, like an aroma of a sweet smelling fragrant,
Our words should be for edification and not proclaiming human defilement,

There are consequences for every word that you will or that you’ve said,
Whether it is lies, or promises or as for Jesus, raising Lazarus from the dead,
When Jesus was alive in flesh, with his words he has no pity,
He used his words to reveal the things of God and did so with authority,

The word of God says that the tongue cannot be tamed,
And it’s evident for even some Christians use Gods name in vain,
The Bible is truth and although you are unable to tame the tongue,
The battle we face killing people with our words, can be overcome,

Are we going to let the words of others affect the way we live?
Or are we going to respond with truth and learn to forgive?
Are we going to with our lives and words, leave a legacy?
Or are we going to continue spilling common words of verbal indecency?

Words of worship is gratitude, flowing from our hearts as we rejoice,
It is heart felt praise with an uprising in the church as one voice,
Words are needed standing before people, and using your speech to reach,
Using your voice as a means to share the Good News and also to teach,

We now have an opportunity to stand up boldly and use what we say,
To change our world, God’s way, day to day, everyday, starting today,
The decision is within your hands now, and within this very hour,
You have a choice to make, to stay the same…


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About the author : Jarrod Moore

Jarrod is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, who is fully devoted to the Word of God. Jarrod is married to Tamzyn and together they have one awesome boy, Malachi Josiah.

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